Red1artstudio - Christine Smith Artist

Workshops with the Harlington Hospice.

Over a period of several years, I worked with the clients of a daycare hospice for the terminally ill and I was able to really find out just how much art can be a real inspiration to others as well as be a positive form of therapy. Below are a selection of projects that we worked on.

Mosaic making

The clients at the hospice designed their own mosaic.

Silk painting.

This was a silk scarf painted with the hospice flower logo design and was taken to France as a gift to a hospice there.

Textile banner.

This was a large fabric banner that the hospice clients painted to be hung in the garden.

Handmade paper mache mirror.

This was a mirror made from paper mache on cardboard and was being made to be exhibited at a small gallery space for an exhibition I curated as a fundraising event for the hospice.

Abstract painting.

This was an abstract painting based on an original by the artist Edward Hopper and was done by one of the hospice daycare users.

Glass painting.

Each client at the hospice painted their own glass panel which I soldered together to create a stained glass window effect and the finished work was installed in the daycare centre lounge.

Paper collage.

This collage was made by a partially sighted member of the hospice and was inspired by a walk through a garden. It was selected to be shown at an outsider art exhibition at the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester.